Our “22 Days of Green” campaign will form part of the wider ‘Billion Acts of Green’ that is being run by the Earth Day Network.  Each tree planted will count as one act of green – lets see how many we can get planted during these 22 days!


We are delighted to have partnered up with the Earth Day Network and to lend support to their Billion Acts of Green campaign.  If you make the effort we will double it…

Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green®


In recognition of the power of millions of individual actions, treatment Earth Day 2011 will be organized around A Billion Acts of Green®: Personal, organizational and corporate pledges to live and act sustainably.  At over 45 million actions to date, A Billion Acts of Green® campaign – the largest environmental service campaign in the world – is steadily building commitments by individuals, corporations, and governments in honor of Earth Day.  A Billion Acts of Green® inspires and rewards both simple individual acts and larger organizational initiatives that further the goal of measurably reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainability.  The goal is to register one billion actions in advance of the Earth Summit in Rio in 2012.  A Billion Acts of Green® website quantifies acts of green through an easy-to-use online registration tool.  A Billion Acts of Green® demonstrates the kind of environmental impact that can be made when millions of people, corporations and organizations make commitments, both small and large, to better their environment.

Trees4Scotland is delighted to be doing our bit to help meet this impressive target and we hope that by taking the time to plant a tree with us you can too!

Check out the Earth Day website:  http://www.earthday.org