A live Sat Link with Prince Charles

The Prince’s May Day Network is managed in Scotland by Scottish Business in the Community (SBC) and The Carbon Collective (the group name of Trees4Scotland and Carbon Offset Scotland) are a signpost company with SBC.  This means that we are on hand to help advise May Day Network companies about how best to tackle climate change through their working practices.

HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, and arctic explorer Pen Hadow, who is currently leading a pioneering scientific expedition to help determine the lifespan of the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice cover, both addresses the summit by live satellite link up.

We also heard from Alex Hill, Chief Advisors Office, Scotland and Northern Ireland, The Met Office, as well as key note speakers and sponsors including BT Scotland and ScottishPower. Redeem plc and Rabbie’s Trail Burners presented case studies demonstrating how SMEs can take action on climate change.  Jamie Rae CEO of Redeem was not only entertaining and informative but also gave Carbon Offset Scotland a mention as we helped to calculate and offset his company’s carbon footprint!

Thanks Jamie!

Angus’ comments…

All in all it was an excellent summit but if only there were more than 154 companies in Scotland committing to tackling climate change by joining the network.  There is no doubt that the May Day network is doing a great job and long may that continue but I couldn’t help but feel that there was an element of preaching to the converted.

There were a series of polls conducted across a variety of climate related topics throughout the day and I am certain that the outcomes would have been very different had the same questions been posed to the massed ranks of the Chamber of Commerce.  Lets get some of these companies to join the May Day Network!

What is very clear and was made clearer by Pen Hadow’s live report from the Artic sea ice was that global warming is melting the ice caps at an alarming rate – to the extent that by the year 2050 (which is only 40 years away and within most of our life times) the sea ice will have melted resulting in catastrophic effects caused by rising sea levels – mass migration will result with devastating effect.

It does still astound me that the majority really still do not take climate change seriously.  They should – for it is a serious business.

On the plus side we can still (and that is the global we) reverse the effects of climate change by taking action now.  The beauty of it is that it does not need to be big actions just small changes.  It is crucial, however, that our generation does make this happen and sets an example.  The same goes for Scotland – we are a country built on invention and innovation – so we should be setting an example to other s and leading the way in the fight against climate change.

You can cheer up now!!  Go and plant a few trees – that does help – both for the soul and for the environment!!!