Aviat Networks are the happy recipients of trees planted for them by Datec Technologies to offset the carbon footprints created by shipments of recyclable goods.  Ruth from Aviat came to visit the Datec Forest and plant a few trees with us recently and here is what she had to say in their latest newsletter:

Going Native in the wilds of Scotland

You may have guessed from my accent that I am not native to Scotland but these trees definitely are!

In November last year we reported on how recyclable our radios are and the work that has been done to recycle all end-of-life units from Aviat Networks’ repair and return centre in Hamilton, Scotland.  We also detailed a new initiative with our recycling partner, Datec, to offset the carbon emissions of any transportation involved in the recycling process.

Datec’s carbon offsetting involves a partnership with Trees4Scotland.  Trees4scotland is passionate about the reforestation of Scotland and carbon capture.  They plant only native trees; oak, birch, ash, willow, hawthorn and rowan trees with the aim of re-establishing Scotland’s native woodlands.

datec and aviat 002  datec and aviat 007

Last year, Datec and Trees4Scotland planted 18 saplings to offset the carbon generated by Hamilton’s recycling activities.  More will be planted this year; this is fantastic as many of these trees will live for tens or even hundreds of years and will keep on capturing carbon.

This week I visited the Trees4Scotland Teaghlach Wood to plant a tree on behalf of Aviat and the setting really is splendidly beautiful.  Teaghlach is actually Scottish Gaelic and means family or clan.  I was so impressed by the project that I bought a couple of trees for the project myself at www.trees4scotland.com

datec and aviat 015  datec and aviat 022

We are delighted that Ruth and our friends at Datec had a good time with us at Teaghlach Wood and got a real feeling for the quality of woodlands that we are committed to producing.  If you or your company woudl also like to get imnvolved then please get in touch with Angus by emailing gus@trees4scotland.com!