Angus goes to Grandfather Mountain


The photo below is Angus ‘relationship building’…

usa trip jly 2011 003

This year was again a big success with the usual capers along the way.

A report from Angus

As with any trip of this sort it is all about what you make of it.  This years trip was brilliant as I made a lot of friends last year who were could not have been more helpful to me this time round.

I shared some accommodation on the mountain with a group of people who are best described as ‘new old friends’ if that makes any sense.  Let me run through the line up as some of you might like to make contact:

Peter Wilson – The gaffer! Peter runs Great Scot International who import lots of exciting Scottish produce – including Irn Bru!  Check out

Jim Walters – know as Big Jim the Haggis Man –  produces more haggis than anyone else in the United States – most of it in tins.  I can testify that it is delicious.  Check out Jim’s Caledonian Kitchen at

Gordon Kirkbright – The Weaver. Gordon is a tartan weaver based in Vancouver, Canada and he is also an excellent tree salesman as he proved at the recent games!  Check out his website:

Zellna Shaw – The Pathfinder! Zellna is a woman of many talents and she was a big help to me as we made our way round the various clan booths.

Henry and Rebecca Scott – Two amazing people who were also a big help during my stay on Grandfather Mountain.  Henry and I have a shared passion for renewable energy projects, protecting the environment and Jagermeister!

Sharing with these great people was a real pleasure – thanks for having me.


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On the Field

Once again this year the good people at COSCA (which stands for the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations allowed me to share a bit of their booth to run the Trees4Scotland promotion from.  We managed to keep them happy with a good supply of Mackies crisps and banter!

Thanks again guys and I look forward to returning the favour by contributing to your e-newletters.

Most of my time was spent making my way round the clan booths and explaining a bit about what we are all about and the support was great.  The Whispering Wood memory trees seemed to go down particularly well.

The games are a great event and although I didn’t get to see too much of the action such as the music and the field events I did have the odd time out to go and see a few bits and pieces.  Soar Patrol in the Celtic Grove being the highlight – I will fire a short clip onto Trees4Scotland TV.

All in all the trip was a big success and I look forward to the next one – thanks to all of you for making it so.