BBC News Debate on Carbon Offsetting

If you didn’t you can listen on the BBCi player here:

In regards to the BBC news debate there is one question that raises its head every time this debate arises:

“Why are the good camps arguing amongst themselves when they should all be tackling the main problem – which is trying to encourage those who are doing nothing to do something.”

We know that those taking action are taking responsibility in their own ways, and that it is good to reduce AND offset. There is no question that we all need to reduce our carbon footprints – no-one has an issue with that. Carbon offsetting simply takes it even further. We ALL have carbon footprints – including the lady from Friends of the Earth who was sitting ion the BBC’s studios.

How do you think she got to the studio? Do Friends of the Earth not travel anywhere? Should we all stay at home and not have any international trade?

Carbon offsetting is funding some absolutely fantastic projects all over the world that are changing the lives of many, and playing a part in helping the planet tackle its climate change.

We just don’t understand why Friends of the Earth have chosen to attack an industry that is funding these projects and doing good for the environment. You can’t tell me that planting a tree is a bad thing?

Perhaps we should start analyzing more closely why Friends of the Earth are playing such a high profile role in attacking carbon offsetting. I wouldn’t think for one minute that they had an agenda for self promotion. Would you? Even in a recession I’m sure that Friends of the Earth have plenty finances, and are not simply gunning for monies that might otherwise go towards someone else’s worthwhile project.

Just a few thoughts – more to come later on this…