carbon offset scotland logoCarbon Offsetting

If you wish to offset your carbon emissions then please click the logo on the right to visit our sister company, Carbon Offset Scotland (COS). Whether you are a business or an individual COS can help you calculate,reduce and offset your carbon emissions.

With all the offset taking the form of native Scottish woodlands you also get to put something back into the country.

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What makes COS different from many offset projects is that they provide an opportunity to see, touch and feel your offset – you could even get the chance to plant your very own woodland!

To visit COS and have a play with the carbon calculator please click here.

The Branch – Our Newsletter

The Branch is a conversational e-newletter that is very well received from our growing mailing list. It covers a range of (hopefully) interesting topics from meeting HRH Prince Charles through to updates in how Teaghlach Wood is progressing.

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