Challenge Europe!

There will be 5 other Scots Climate Advocates playing their part in the fight to combat climate change following a nationwide search.

Six Scots have been chosen to act as Climate Advocates with the aim of reducing Europe’s carbon footprint. They are Ruth Carruthers from Glasgow, Rory Moody from Edinburgh, Angus Crabbie from Edinburgh, Stephanie Barrows from Glasgow, Alasdair Robertson from Livingston and Rory Crawford from Ayrshire.

They will take their place alongside their UK counterparts tasked with developing three practical and sustainable solutions. Similar teams in 15 countries across Europe will be developing their own initiatives and present them to business and government leaders with the aim of finding backing to develop their ideas further.

The first get together of the British Team took place last month in Manchester and as Angus reports below there will indeed be challenges ahead but the team would appear to be a strong one made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

Angus’ Carbon Comment…

I didn’t really know what to expect when I pitched up in Manchester for the first meeting of the British Challenge Europe Team. The first meeting was really to get to know one another better and to start formulating ideas of what projects we would like to develop and take forward.

While there is guidance from The British Council we will be essentially allowed to express ourselves in the best way we see fit in regards to project choices and I am particularly keen on community based initiatives such as a ‘Roadmap for a Sustainable Future’ and a ‘Community Sharing’ project.

Mind you if any of you out there have any further ideas then please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

The next meeting is taking place this weekend at The Eden Project in Cornwall and I can’t wait. I have always wanted to visit the Eden Project and I think we also get to see Paul Weller on the Friday night!

The forthcoming meeting will be to narrow down the project ideas and to formulate teams to take the ideas forward. I should have more to report in the next edition.