capital vendingTheir Marketing Manager, Richard Haswell showed us round their premises and explained some of the innovative ways that they have been working with their suppliers.

Q: Richard I guess in your line of work the choice of supplier is key to your own CSR?

A: Yes exactly, our main supplier, Westomatic has taken a proactive approach to corporate responsibility, leading the market in terms of green innovation including; design, supply chain management, production techniques and waste management:

Long operational life

All Westomatic machines are of a robust nature to ensure operational longevity and their dedicated machine refurbishment centre means they can also cost-effectively extend the working life of equipment which further reduces waste and reliance on land-fill.

Exceptional recycling properties

Recycled materials used where ever possible, including plastic mouldings on Sigma and Azure machines. In-house paint plant recycles heat from drying process for the final baking cycle and over 90% of over-spayed powder coating is reused. All spare parts are distributed in reused boxes. In fact, Westomatic has not purchased a cardboard box since 1994!

Responsible purchasing and distribution

92% of the components and materials used in Westomatic machines are sourced in the UK. Buying from a British Manufacturer means shorter logistic paths and a reduced carbon footprint.

All UK delivered free standing beverage machines are transported in long-life re-useable cases (free from shrink-wrap, polystyrene, cardboard and wooden pallets)

OK so there you go – there is more to a vending machine than meets the eye – so choose your supplier carefully – well just choose Capital Vending and you won’t go far wrong!