Drop-off Trees…

Even better, a contribution from every pound is also going to be helping to plant native woodlands with Trees4Scotland and also helps to support our primary schools education programme, The Tree Amigos.  Feel better?

Gordon Robertson from Edinburgh Airport comments, “We’re delighted that some of the money raised in our drop off zone can go to further assist the excellent Trees4Scotland.  We already support Tree Amigos so we therefore know that the money will be well spent educating children in this vital area.

“We were keen that any donation is not just seen as a token and we look forward to working with the Trees4Scotland team over the coming months in the planting of trees and the educational programmes they run.”

‘Kiss and fly’ is a term that is used when someone is being dropped off at the airport rather than parking up or using other means of transport such as a taxi or bus.  It usually results in the traveller needing to also be picked up on their return and hence results in 4 trips to and from the airport rather than two (if parking up).  Edinburgh Airport is therefore keen to discourage people from kiss and fly and to rather use other means such as public transport.

At the same time the introduction of the £1 charge was not particularly welcomed by some airport users – despite the improvements in facilities.  To soften the blow and to let travellers know that they are doing this for the right reasons Edinburgh Airport make a contribution to tree planting (and other community and environmental projects) for every pound charged.

clermiston class 2 014This is great news for trees and for Scotland with approximately 1000 trees being planted every quarter!  The monies also go towards supporting the Tree Amigos environment project which has approximately 300 primary school pupils every year learning about climate change, carbon footprints , trees and woodland wildlife.

Please visit www.thetreeamigos.co.uk and to learn more about Edinburgh Airport’s environmental and community commitments please visit their website here:  http://www.edinburghairport.com and look up the relevant section under ‘about us’.