Eden Project backs Trees4Scotland

The Eden Project will soon be launching a new project called Green Talent that is being funded by DCSF (department of children, schools and families).  They are creating a dynamic website resource (www.realcooljobs.com or something along those lines) based on an inspirational bank of ‘case studies’: personal stories showing a wide variety of ‘green’ ways in which people are making a living today, showing how they are playing their part in contributing and responding to the challenge of climate change. The site will be supported by a number of young peoples’ events and the locker room lives exhibit at Eden.

Many young people are concerned about climate change, but often can’t see what society is doing about it and more specifically aren’t clear about how they could contribute. The project aims to engage young people in the real job opportunities that exist for them – opportunities to become part of the solution to the environmental challenges we all face.

We are delighted that they have decided to profile Angus and his day to day life with Trees4Scotland. Emma Mansfield of The Eden project says, “We’re really excited that you’ve agreed to be part of this project and now it’s time to get cracking. What we need from you is your locker room life stuff, things about you, what you do, the tools of your trade, a strip from your diary, some images or examples of your products and some information about you…”

So Angus has been rummaging through his office and on site at the farm to put together a pack of relevant bits and pieces for the “Locker Room Life” exhibit! Who would have thought it!

Emma Mansfield also told us that they would like to come to Teaghlach Wood to make a short film for the website – and they are very welcome. We look forward to working with such a fabulous organization and to doing our bit to help inspire young people into positive actions on climate change.