Edinburgh Airport Launches Environmental Fund

Scotland’s Native Woodlands to Benefit from Money Raised from the Drop Off Zone

 26 January 2012, Edinburgh – Edinburgh Airport today announces the launch of its Environmental Fund, < a charitable initiative to support projects in the wider Edinburgh and Lothian communities. The new scheme provides financial support to programmes in the region which promote environmental welfare and offer education and personal development opportunities.

 Over the last 18 months, funds have been raised through the airport’s Drop Off charge, where 15p out of every £1 paid has gone directly to good causes. Since the charge was introduced in October 2010, the company has given approximately £100,000 to various charitable and environmental projects throughout the region including Trees4Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Council’s Eco Schools Programme.

 Gordon Robertson, Head of Communications at Edinburgh Airport said:

”Edinburgh Airport strives to be a good corporate citizen. For us, this means ensuring that we are contributing to the local Edinburgh and Lothian communities. Our partnership with Trees4Scotland and the Eco Schools Programme is a great example of how our Environment Fund will deliver on our commitment to support our neighbours and the environment.  We are keen for our passengers to understand that part of their £1 is helping to fund some excellent educational projects.”

 One of the most recent Environmental Fund beneficiaries is the Trees4Scotland’s Tree Amigos programme which educates approximately 300 primary school pupils every year about climate change, carbon footprints, trees and woodland wildlife.  Money from Edinburgh Airport has gone toward planting native woodlands and supporting the students’ learning.

 Trees4Scotland founder Angus Crabbie said:

 “The money raised through Edinburgh Airport’s Drop Off charge really makes a difference.  The trees which are planted as a result of our work are not only a learning resource for children but they further help the environment by aiding the offset of carbon emissions, regenerating wildlife habitats and preventing soil erosion.”

 Edinburgh Airport continues to support a range of community organisations with money generated in the Drop Off area.

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About Trees4Scotland

Founded in 2008, Trees4Scotland is dedicated to planting native permanent woodlands in Scotland and enhancing biodiversity.  The Tree Amigos environment project educates approximately 300 primary school pupils every year about climate change, carbon footprints, trees and woodland wildlife.  Teaglach Wood, the ogranisation’s current project, aims to play its part in restoring Scotland’s landscape back to its traditional woodland state.



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