Great weather for Tree Amigos field trips

tree amigos

Here are some exerts from some of the children’s thank you letters to Angus:

“I had the best time planting trees because I know that the trees will be around long after we are gone and Bill and Ben are so cute (pet lambs). Could you say hello to them from me” Connor.

“Scotland I believe must be covered in trees once again so that our planet is safe forever. PS please let us come again.” Jack.

“We would never have learned about so many things without your help. We learned about trees,
leaves, woodland animals and how to plant certain trees. The best thing about this all is probably our trip. My funniest thing I think was when the boys were too scared to go to the toilet because the cows were outside from it!” Bethany.

“When you visited us in early January I learned so much more about trees than I already knew but it was too bad that you couldn’t visit us in our new refurbished school (I did actually!!)” David.

“I really enjoyed the Tree Amigos project. I like learning about carbon footprint and how to make it smaller. The thing I like the most about the Tree Amigos is that we got to learn all about the tree and how they suck in carbon dioxide and how they let out oxygen” Rachel.

“We have been on a fabulous school trip to Teaghlach Wood near Comrie. My favourite part of the trip was feeding the lambs and planting the trees after we fed the lambs I went over to pat Bill (pet lamb at the farm) and he bit me.” Murray.


“I also enjoyed the Tree Amigos book the reason I liked it was because I learned things I did not know before like photosynthesis, my carbon footprint and climate change” Allanah