Listing Category: Green Products and Services

Brindley Associates Ltd

Brindley Associates Ltd is a registered practice of landscape architects, environmental planners and ecologists established in 1998. Our integrated skills allow us to provide a cost effective range of professional services including landscape design, landscape and visual impact assessment and ecological consultancy to a diverse range of clients.

Bright Green Business

Bright Green Business (formerly Green Business Partnership) is one of the three trading organisations of The Business Partnership. We provide a range of services to Scottish businesses to help them place skilled students and graduates, implement improved environmental practices and extend business networks.

Graham Plumbers’ Merchant

Graham Plumbers Merchant is a major supplier of plumbing, heating, bathroom materials and renewable solutions. Our brand has grown to become synonymous with professionalism, service and value for money. Most important of all is the knowledge of our people and the relationships they have with our customers.

Eco Decorators

The Eco Decorators are Scotland’s first carbon neutral, environmentally friendly painting and decorating company based in Edinburgh. We choose paints and materials that are better for you, better for the environment and better for us when applying them.

Eco Felling

Eco felling is a professional, sustainable, tree felling and tree removal service.

On Site Generation Ltd

On Site Generation is a unique company. It has been set up by renewable energy experts to help people who care about the environment find the best ways of generating energy in their homes, businesses and communities. We are passionate about reducing energy consumption, caring for the environment and supporting and advising our clients

Glacier To Placer Natural Gold

GLACIER TO PLACER NATURAL GOLD is a brand new concept conceived by myself, Davide Baldo, in May 2009 around a number of new exciting activities related to the GOLD found in its natural state.

Datec Technologies

Datec Technologies

Datec Technologies Ltd is one of Europe’s leading IT recycling and electronics asset management companies.

Green Business Partnership

There are strong business reasons for being greener. Working with the Green Business Partnership can make you more profitable, increase your efficiency, help you gain access to mew markets, motivate your workforce and enhance your reputation.

Roots Roots

Root Roots design 100% Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Web Solutions.