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Beth’s Newfangled Family Tree

BNFT is a monthly publication, viagra 60mg usually in 2-30 page sections about what’s happening in the worldwide Scottish community.  There are photos, articles on things Scottish and things genealogical and things interesting…and queries from our readers.  BNFT is the latest incarnation of print publication that editor, Beth Gay-Freeman, did for about 17 years in print and on Internet, The Family Tree. There is absolutely no charge – free for the reading – and absolutely no strings.  Advertisers are always welcome, however although the rates are very reasonable so that everyone who needs to advertise may do it.

Our services and products

Monthly publication.  You are most welcome to send news of what your Scottish group is doing – including photos in jpeg format.  You’re welcome to send queries, news of your family reunions, photos on disc of any Highland game you attend (Mail a disc to:  Beth, 102 Lakeside Drive, Walhalla, SC 29691 USA.)  You will get full photo credit.  Beth will edit the photos. You’re welcome to submit columns and anything you’d like to see in our pages – with full author credit.  You may email

Our Environmental Commitment

I like to think that by using the Internet for this publication, we are saving paper, postage, etc….and thusly helping the environment.  I recycle everything  from both our home and whatever this publication uses…You might get a letter from me with the back covered in a page of the publication…as I reuse both sides of any paper…

Contact Name: Beth Gay Freeman
Contact Tel: 864-903-1392
Contact Email:
Visit the website:

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