Glacier To Placer Natural Gold

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GLACIER TO PLACER NATURAL GOLD is a brand new concept conceived by myself, rx Davide Baldo, in May 2009 around a number of new exciting activities related to the GOLD found in its natural state. GLACIER TO PLACER refers to the slow journey taken by the gold over millions of years, started after being eroded by the ice (GLACIER) from the host rock up the mountains, down to the riverbeds and present waterways (PLACER).

My services and products

Apart from always being ready to share my almost 15 years of experience of gold panning, the focus of my activity is to promote my new born jewellery line displaying natural alluvial Scottish gold. All my crafts are simple in style but with a truly unique concept linking us all back to mother nature. When I go out panning for gold, I always dedicate 10-15 minutes of my time to clean up the area along the river where I was working during the day from traces of trash left behind by other people.

My environmental commitment

Because I believe in sharing and because I don’t see greed in the gold I find, in 2010 I enriched my project with an extra feature named noble metal to noble cause, meaning that part of the money received from the sales of my jewellery is donated to charities or businesses working for a good cause. From 2012 onwards, 10% of the money received from each sale will be donated to Trees4Scotland for a greener countryside and to give the wildlife an extra bit of land where to feel safer… the woods.

Name Davide Baldo
Tel No: 07896 591 982
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