Himalayan Footsteps

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We are an ethical tour operator specialising in Himalayan countries.

Our services and products

Expert in bespoke travel to India, drugs Nepal, prescription Bhutan and Tibet. Experienced in providing advice, purchase  expeditions, holidays, and project placements. Typically we organise activities such as sightseeing, trekking, rafting, safaris, volunteer placements, GAP years, charity treks, bird watching, paragliding, mountaineering, meditation and yoga retreats.

Our Environmental Commitment

Himalayan Footsteps is an ethical tour operator, we run a traditional business along ethical lines. Every business decision we take has the power to influence communities and the wider world. Our company still takes profits seriously but instead of looking at a single bottom line every year we look at a triple bottom line of profit, social return, and contributions to the environment. The customer is looking to us and other companies to deal with the problems, we will continue to organise holidays that are mutually beneficial to our customers, the environment, and people of the world.

Name Olly Margry
Tel No: 0131 510 0522
Email holiday@himalayanfootsteps.com
Visit our website http://www.himalayanfootsteps.com