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John Dewar & Sons Ltd

The name of DEWAR’S® is one of the most respected in the world of blended Scotch whisky. Founded in 1846 by John Dewar Sr., quality and innovation are fundamental to the story of John Dewar & Sons. The Company’s blended Scotch whiskies have been awarded more than 360 medals at competitive tastings across the globe, providing a guarantee of the quality of the whisky. Today, DEWAR’S is one of the largest whisky brands in the world, and the top-selling blended Scotch whisky in the United States.

Our services and products

The John Dewar & Sons portfolio of blended Scotch whiskies includes: DEWAR’S® WHITE LABEL®, first crafted in 1899 and the flagship of the DEWAR’S portfolio; DEWAR’S® 12 Year Old; DEWAR’S® 18 Year Old and DEWAR’S SIGNATURE®, the ultimate expression of blended Scotch whisky; WILLIAM LAWSON’S® Blended; WILLIAM LAWSON’S® 12 Year Old Scottish Gold. In addition John Dewar & Sons produce two key single malt whiskies: the ABERFELDY® Single Malt from Aberfeldy Distillery and the GLEN DEVERON® Single Malt from Macduff Distillery.

Our Environmental Commitment

As John Dewar & Sons’ business expands, the Company has an increasing commitment to protect and sustain the Scottish environment. “We believe the quality of Dewar’s fine whiskies are directly linked to the quality of Scotland’s natural elements,” said Iain Lochhead, operations director of John Dewar’s & Sons Ltd. “From Scotland’s clean air, pristine water and fine grain comes this great product. We take the original meaning of whisky — “water of life” — to heart from the natural ingredients in the environment to the final product.” Recent initiatives include saving energy through efficiencies in production, taking care of the local environment and cutting carbon emissions.

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