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TheHeat Ltd specialize in energy efficient technologies. Out principal aim is to provide alternative ways of heating and powering your house or business by harvesting it from the surrounding environment. Our company consist a group of professionals in a fields of plumbing, no rx central heating, renewable energy sources, electrical supply and construction. We are able to design and install bespoke solutions for your house or business energy needs.

Our services and products

Our services include: design, installation, maintenance and after sales service. We will provide free advice for anyone who is thinking about energy efficient solutions.

Recently we added refrigeration services to our list. We can provide full service in refrigeration and air conditioning service. We hold current F-Gas Category I certification.

We will install and supply the following products: solar thermal technologies, solar photovoltaic, air to water heat pumps (sealed and split types), ground source heat pumps, air to air heat pumps, energy efficient windows and variety of insulation.

Our Environmental Commitment

Our biggest commitment is to reduce unacceptable waste which is happening in front of our eyes. We are wasting vast amounts of energy not only by not insulating our houses and not having energy efficient windows installed but also by relying solely on fossil fuels when alternative forms of heating and powering are available. Since we started in 2008 we are focused on new technologies which will help to achieve our ultimate goal; to reduce waste of energy and destruction of place where we live, ‘Planet Earth Forever’ 🙂

Name Lukasz Chojnacki
Tel No: 0131 466 9703
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