US-UK Fulbright Awards Programme

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The Fulbright Awards Programme offers the only bi-national transatlantic scholarship programme between the US and the UK. Since 1948, treatment the Programme has expanded its offering to include grants for study in a wide variety of fields, viagra including policing and criminal justice, viagra 60mg teacher training, and critical scientific research. It is the only Programme that supports all fields and subjects and is tenable at any accredited higher education institution. Each year, individuals are chosen through a competitive selection process seeking not only academic excellence but also ambassadorial skills, community engagement, leadership potential and a desire to contribute to the betterment of society.

Our services and products

We administer grants to allow approximately 200 British and American citizens to study, lecture, conduct research or focus on professional development at leading institutions across the US and UK respectively.

Our Environmental Commitment

Through Fulbright Community Action Days our scholars and alumni come together to give something back to society while promoting a better environment – knowing and appreciating the investment society has made in them via the Fulbright Programme.  It shows the energy and enthusiasm that Fulbright Scholars have to make positive change in our two countries.

Name Fulbright Awards Programme
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