Jamie Sempill has had to shoulder the bulk of the criticism directed from many quarters yet we rarely hear about how much the event brought into our economy during a crucial period of recession. We are surprised that some of the tour operators, hotels, guest houses and other attractions who benefited from the increased trade directly attributable to the event have not stepped forward in its defence.

lord sempill

We most certainly benefited from the event as we have made many new friends and gained many new supporters. Jamie comments on his visit to Teaghlach Wood in a recent blog the Pan Alba website,

I have just returned from paying my first visit to what will be the most enduring legacy of The Gathering…namely the Teaghlach Wood which has been planted by Angus Crabbie, owner of Trees4Scotland. The woodland covers nearly 40 hectares of land by Comrie in Perthshire. The trees are all broadleaf and indigenous to Scotland. Those who have bought 5 trees or more get their name displayed on boards at the entrance to the woodland. This really is a must do for all those who were present at The Gathering…just call at www.trees4scotland.com