We have ordered the honours boards to display the names of all of our supporters and contributors and they will be erected in 2 weeks time.  We do hope that the design will be appreciated.

The next stage is to deer fence off the 35 hectares of hillside that will become phase two of Teaghlach Wood.  This is a big step for us and a large investment and it would not be possible without the continued support of the individuals, businesses and organisations who plant trees with us.

As we are planning the new woodland we are incorporating some woodland walks with the idea being to link up with the ‘Circular Walk’ that winds up from the village of Comrie.

We would like to especially thank all of the many clan societies and organisations who have helped to promote Teaghlach Wood to their members via newsletters and on various websites.

We do hope that you all enjoy laying down your Scottish roots!

Whispering Wood

Like Teaghlach Wood, The Whispering Wood continues to thrive.  There are now many messages from those in memory of loved ones to ones celebrating weddings and births.

We mix the messages up so that there is a beautiful mix of memories and emotions emanating from the various engraved plaques.

As the number of messages continues to grow the woodland will become a very special place indeed.