Pos Name Trees sold
1 Natalie Rebecca Ward 0
1 Leigh Cunningham 0
1 Laura Jade Blackett 0
1 Prena Thapa 0
1 Roberta Jo Walker 0
1 Sophia FitzGerald-Smith 0
1 Shahista Lalji 0
1 Sabrina Willock 0
1 Inge Kotze 0
1 Hayley Murphy 0
1 Carly Sarah Simonson 0
1 Brenda Ogilvie 0
1 Bethany Joy Cannell 0
1 Carrie Leanne Marrie 0
1 Collator Ngina Itumo 0
1 Georgie May 0
1 Eleanor Thomas 0
1 Aprille Danielle Hunt-Bass 0


Miss Earth UK has once again teamed up with The Carbon Collective to help with the planting of native woodlands across the UK.

The current project is a woodland in Scotland called Teaghlach Wood.  The word Teaghlach means family in Scots Gaelic so we thought it very appropriate for our competition.

The girls have each been set up with their own discount code which will get them (or any of their supporters) a tree planted for only £9.  In turn the purchaser will get emailed a fabulous gift certificate or even get their name on the onsite honours board.

The winner will get their own special plaque on the on site honours board!

Who is top of the planting league?  Check out the table on the right!

Good luck girls – get planting!

All of the trees planted in this project are native varieties such as oak, birch, willow and rowan.

In the pictures below you can see Miss Earth Scotland, Courtney St John getting stuck in when she visited the project.