Fabulous Gifts

Gifts that don’t cost the earth!

Our tree-planting gifts are some of the most eco-friendly and unique presents you can buy!

Trees as gifts

Teaghlach Wood – Plant a Tree

Plant 1 tree for £10 to receive a fabulous presentation certificate complete with your name.

Teaghlach Wood – Plant 5 Trees

Plant 5 trees for £48 to achieve ROWAN status and get your name on our ‘honours board’ to be erected ON SITE to be seen by many generations to come – along with your fabulous presentation certificate.

Teaghlach Wood – Plant 10 Trees

Plant 10 trees for £95 to achieve BEECH status and have a prime position on our ‘honours board’ – along with your fabulous presentation certificate.

Teaghlach Wood – Plant 100 Trees

Plant 100 trees for £940 to achieve OAK status and leave your name and a special message on the ‘honours board’ to be enjoyed by many generations to come – along with your fabulous presentation certificate.

Leave a message for a lifetime in our Whispering Wood

Whether it is for remembrance, to celebrate an occasion or for your own personal reasons planting a tree in the “Whispering Wood” is a unique way marking the moment forever.

For only £75 we will plant you a tree and mark it with a message on an engraved plaque on a wooden mount.

You will be sent a unique gift certificate highlighting your special message and a commemorative booklet.

We would like our woodland to emanate with the whispers of the messages that you leave – like the wind on the leaves.

There will be nowhere like this in the world and if you want to be part of it then click here to leave your message. There are obviously a limited number of trees available.

Plant A Tree

Plant a tree as a gift for somebody and you will receive a certificate by email to give to somebody as an unusual but unique present!

Other Gift Ideas

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