Our Woodland Projects

Trees4Scotland manages all of its own woodlands and we welcome anyone who would like to visit our projects. The whole idea is to create a living legacy that can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

We work with a professional woodlands contractor to plan, plant and maintain our woodlands and as such our trees have a 99% survival rate!

2009 project – Teaghlach Wood

Teaghlach Wood

teaghlach /t∫εlax/ n. Scottish Gaelic
1. family, household, house in genealogy
2. clan, tribe, race, progeny

Located in Scotland’s central highlands, above the village of Comrie in Perthshire, Teaghlach Wood will be planted on a 35 hectare site – with room for about 50,000 trees.

All of the trees planted will be native varieties such as oak, ash, birch, rowan and willow.

With 4,000 trees already planted in 2008, we look forward to your support during 2009 to finish the job!

The woodland will form a key role in regenerating wildlife habitats in an area already rich in biodiversity. A pair of resident and rare red kites look forward to enjoying a new nesting site in years to come!

Teaghlach Wood can be found near Comrie, in Highland Perthshire, Scotland.

It is in a stunning location as you can see from the photographs below – with the Munros (Mountains over 3000ft), Ben Chonzie and BenVorlich to the north and south respectively.


The beautiful village of Comrie, in Perthshire, Scotland, lies on the banks of the River Earn nestled on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. Comrie is in the heart of the scenic West Strathearn area of Perthshire. Situated at the meeting of Glens Lednock and Artney with the Scottish Highlands rising to the north.

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