Our Woodlands

whispering woodTrees4Scotland was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to planting native permanent woodlands in Scotland.

By working with landowners, businesses and the general public, < we have a completely sustainable model that allows us to support the creation of new woodlands on an ongoing basis.

Trees and Scotland

Scotland currently has about 17% woodland coverage in a country that has an almost perfect tree growing climate (it rains all the time!). The European average is about 32%.

The Scottish Government set a target of increasing forestry cover to 25% by 2050 which means that 13,000 hectares would need to be planted every year until 2050 (approximately 20M trees). We are already falling woefully short of this target with only 4,000 hectares planted last year.

Our Work So Far

Teaghlach Wood

Teaghlach Wood (meaning family or clan) is an ongoing project located on a 35 hectare site near the village of Comrie in central Scotland.

The woodland aims to play its part in restoring Scotland’s landscape back to its traditional woodland state. All of the trees planted are traditional woodland varieties such as oak, birch, ash and rowan.

The Whispering Wood

This is our fabulous memory woodland allowing you to have a dedicated tree marked by a plaque engraved with the message of your choice.

The Whispering Wood is formed from a section of Teaghlach Wood and we keep it strimmered so that you can enjoy walking through and reading all the various dedications.

Athron Hill Wood

Athron Hill was planted in a joint venture with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. The concept was to establish a community woodland and it combines a range of native tree varieties with walkways and bridal paths.

Located in the hills just past the village of Tillyrie, three miles north-west of Milnathort the woodland looks south across Loch Leven and is a magnet to wildlife of all shapes and sizes.

Over 20,000 trees have been planted so far within this project.  Trees4Scotland will continue to engage with this project to enable it to develop and thrive.


Following some initial landscaping work over 1500 trees have been planted just to the north of Aviemore.  There are few more beautiful locations with the new woodland looking south towards the Cairngorms.  A rich mix has been planted and the trees are establishing nicely.

Other locations

Trees4Scotland are engaged in tree planting and woodland establishment the length and breadth of the country.  From Palnackie down in Dumfries and Galloway, in our cities and as far north as Aviemore.  We employ a range of planting techniques and can source the right trees for the right locations – local sources are usually best!  Trees have DNA too!