Planting to begin in 2 weeks time

Director, Angus Crabbie, comments, “We would like to extend a special thank you to all those individuals and businesses who are taking responsibility for climate change and pledging trees to our project. It will be exciting to see how quickly we can get the first batch of trees into the ground from the initial mounding and fencing through to the planting itself.”

With contractor, Scottish Woodlands, to being on site in the next week to ten days it is exciting times for this young and innovative company. While their focus remains firmly on getting trees into the ground they take a lot of care to ensure that they provide the very best in advice to businesses looking to become more environmentally responsible.

Company Director, Angus Crabbie states, “We quickly evolved as a company to provide environmental consultancy and now help businesses to adopt what we term as ‘best practice’. We try to help lift the mist that surrounds carbon footprints and to pass on as much knowledge as we can while we are working with our clients.”

As a company Trees4Scotland can calculate your carbon footprint, help you reduce it (and save money), develop an environment policy and provide a visible offsetting solution.