What was slightly unusual about Angus’ position was that he too is a current Climate Champion for the British Council’s Challenge Europe project. Angus comments, “It was great to be sitting on the other side of the fence! Our particular project is called The Light Brigade and is a campaign based project to encourage awareness about light pollution. I hope that my advice was useful to the other climate advocates as I know first hand some of the frustrations that they will be encountering.”

The international event was being held up in Comrie and was being hosted by Alan Caldwell of the Comrie Development Trust. Teaghlach Wood is forming a key part of the village’s drive towards a sustainable future that is being pioneered by the development trust.

Although the weather was typically Scottish (meaning wet) some of the delegates ventured up to Balmuick for a tour of the new woodland with Angus. “They were a great bunch of people and I thoroughly enjoyed our walk despite the conditions.”

Challenge Europe spans 15 countries across Europe and Angus was particularly interested to learn about how the populations of the various countries including Sweden, Hungary, Slovenia and The Czech Republic were viewing the climate change problem.

Comrie itself also proved to be a big hit with the delegates especially after a few glasses of wine at the Royal!

Message from Angus: “If any of the advocates read this then remember that you are very welcome to visit at any time”.