Those of you who regularly plant trees with us will notice that as of 1st November we have altered our pricing structure.  Our online tree prices have remained fixed at a very low level for the past four years but due to fiscal pressures we have had to adjust things slightly.

Our one tree price has increased from £10 to £15, the five tree package from £48 to £60 but we have REDUCED the ten tree package from £95 to £90.  We do hope that you appreciate that our prices need to reflect supplier price increases.

The Whispering Wood memory trees have increased from £49.95 to £65 as there is a lot of maintenance work required to keep the woodland smart for visitors.  We have also been expanding things to include the Teaghlach Trail allowing you to have greater and easier access into the woodland to enjoy the surroundings.

Our appreciation of your support for the establishment of Scotland’s native woodlands cannot be underestimated.

Thanks for your understanding.