RobRoy’s “Superbowl Cycle” plants trees in Scotland!

rob roy mcgregor bike4treesThis year’s Bike4Trees Green Ribbon bike ride to Super Bowl XLIV incorporates a variety of surprise stops along the east coast of Florida to encourage planting trees in Urban areas while biking to the NFL’s Tree Planting ceremony at Dolphin Stadium on January 30th, 2010.

Rob Roy’s story is truly unique! Driven by a love for fresh air and the environment in January 2009 Rob Roy left his car in St Louis and borrowed a bike from a friend in Knoxville, TN. With only a dollar in his pocket he set off from Saint Louis to Orlando then on to the Super Bowl in Tampa by way of Miami. He covered 1000 miles of Florida coast while wearing his family tartan kilt and developed both a following of over 120,000 people and a grit and determination that the fight against climate change must go on despite the recession.

Later in the same year he embarked on an even more ambitious trip – to visit his homeland in Scotland and attend The Gathering 2009, Highland Games in Edinburgh. The first Homecoming Gathering of Scots from around the world in 197 years! With the majority of the ride being done resplendent in the tartan of the MacGregor kilt, Rob Roy turned more than a few heads along the way. It was at The Gathering event in Edinburgh that he gave Prince Charles of Wales a green fabric frog in celebration and recognition of the Prince of Wales project to save the rainforests worldwide in Copenhagen last year. It was also at this historical gathering that RobRoy met Angus Crabbie of Trees4Scotland and they decided to team up!


Trees4Scotland was the official tree planting partner for the event and is planting a new woodland called Teaghlach Wood (meaning family or clan) in central Scotland. With many of the trees being planted by US visitors, Rob Roy was keen to help spread the word about the great work that was being done and encourage others to visit the Teaghlach Wood website to plant more trees. Rob

Roy also aims to do his bit here by tying a green ribbon around each tree that is planted during this year’s cycle. In addition, to demonstrate how far reaching the positive aspects of sport can be, any tree planted in Scotland through Trees4Scotland’s project website using the discount code “RobRoy” will also get a green ribbon tied around it by Trees4Scotland.

You can follow Rob Roy’s bicycle adventure via his website and learn all about the great work that he is doing. Good luck! Photographs available from

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Woodland Location: Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland
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