The Eco Hub is LIVE!

 The Eco Hub is intended to allow supporters of Trees4Scotland to network with one another and to provide a hub for anyone looking for green and ethical products and services.

 To get a profile on this platform is really very simple – plant some trees with us!  There are a wide range of companies already listed from large recycling companies like Datec Technologies, unhealthy drinks companies like Chivas and Dewars right through to smaller entities like Eco Decorators and Himalayan Footsteps.

 Angus Crabbie of Trees4Scotland comments, “We are always looking at new an innovative ways of helping our supporters to promote their businesses and the Eco Hub is another such example.  We have many clients still to add and new ones coming in all the time.  To get a listing is easy just plant some trees with us”.

 The Eco Hub is a great example of added value and it is great to see responsible businesses looking to do business with one another.  If you would like added to this merry band then please get in touch with Angus on 07714343158 or email us.

 Check out the HUB: