Edinburgh Airport Launches Environmental Fund

Scotland’s Native Woodlands to Benefit from Money Raised from the Drop Off Zone  26 January 2012, Edinburgh – Edinburgh Airport today announces the launch of its Environmental Fund, < a charitable initiative to support projects in the wider Edinburgh and Lothian communities. The new scheme provides financial support to programmes in the region which promote

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The Fulbright Commission visit Trees4Scotland

Trees4Scotland were delighted to welcome a group of scholars from the Fulbright Commission to Teaghlach Wood on Saturday (14th January).  Fingers had been crossed for some time that the weather would be on our side and it seemed to pay off as the conditions could not have been better for planting bare rooted trees.

APB Displays present their tree certificates!

APB Displays in Falkirk plant trees for their clients as a thank you and it is really well received.  Like many of our clients they use our online certificate generator to produce bespoke planting certificates complete with their own personal message and branding.

Charities – surviving the recession

In the midst of a global recession it is tough times for many charities who, like most of us, are feeling the pinch.  The team at Trees4Scotland are keen to try and support some of the charities that are close to our hearts by donating our imaginations to the cause, raising funds and getting some trees planted at the same time.

From heat pumps to tree planting – love me tender

I know a natural leap…but this is exactly what Grahams Renewables are doing in partnership with Scottish Gas and Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership.  For every air source heat pump installed a tree is planted with Trees4Scotland!  This initiative has proved so successful that it is now to be rolled out nationally across the UK.

Drop-off Trees…

Last year Edinburgh Airport introduced a charge of £1 to drop off someone at the airport which caused a little bit of controversy.  What people don’t know is that ‘kiss and fly’ (which usually results in 4 journeys to and from the airport twice) is one of the airport’s main contributors to its carbon footprint and hence the charge was, in part anyway, designed to discourage this.

Scotland still reads…

There is a big debate going on in Scotland at the moment about how often (or rather how infrequently) people read books. Reading should clearly be encouraged as it is a great tool for life and learning.


Every year we try to persuade our corporate supporters to send e-cards rather than paper ones to their clients at Christmas.  To help with this we roped in Cramond Primary School to help design e-cards with an eco theme.