The Tree Amigos are Go!

tree amigos

The Tree Amigos project is now into its second year and has already been extended to include primary schools in Glasow as well as Edinburgh. Both airports have donated £10,000 towards the cost of the project which will see ten primary classes from eight primary schools taking part.

With the help of The Tree Amigos the children work through five mini projects covering, climate change and global warming, carbon footprints, reducing your footprint, trees and the environment and woodland wildlife.

It is designed to be fun and informative with the children producing everything from posters and poems to stage productions and animated films – all about what they are learning. The project culminates with a field trip to Teaghlach Wood, which is the current Trees4Scotland project where the children get a change to plant some trees of their own!

tree amigos

Becky Stevenson, teacher at Clermiston Primary School, said, “The children loved the project last year and had lots of fun working together in teams – and their knowledge increased dramatically. They created a classroom and corridor display for the other classes to see. It really went well beyond the classroom and my class was really proud to have taken part.”

Angus Crabbie, co-founder of Trees4Scotland said: “After a really successful first year we have made some changes to make the project even better. We see education as being of paramount importance within our industry and thanks to the support of Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports, The Tree Amigos can continue to thrive. The project was designed to be educational and fun, and we also hope to learn something about how children view the environment and the problems associated with climate change.”

Neil Anderson, Commercial Director, BAA Edinburgh said: “The children involved in the past year have shown great enthusiasm for the project and will hopefully will learn valuable life lessons about the environment as a result.

“It’s a great example of how we can all play a part, however small, in safeguarding the natural environment”.