Tree Amigos Schools visit Teaghlach Wood

All of the children got the chance to take a tour of the project and to get their photos taken next to their own 50 trees. Fifty trees were planted for each school at the beginning of the project and we are very grateful to BAA for providing the funding to make this possible.

Tree Amigos Schools visit Teaghlach Wood

All of us at Trees4Scotland have been flabbergasted both by the amount of work that the kids have put in and especially by the amount that they have learnt about climate change and how to combat it.

Here are just a few of the things that the schools have produced:

Clermiston Primary

I was invited along to a stage show that they put on last week that was all about climate change, carbon footprints and trees! Not only did they all learn lines and act in front of the whole school but they sang two made up songs word perfect – both with actions.. Some had even made their own costumes. Amazing – and it certainly makes it all very worthwhile to see what they are getting out of the project.

Ratho Primary

They have produced a pile of work including posters, paintings and they have been taking regular trip out to their local woods to take leaf rubbings and learn about how to identify the different varieties of trees. Two of the children from the class actually wrote and performed a rap about trees and global warming and it was voted the winner in the school competition! Well done guys!

Hillwood Primary

What can I say about these guys – believe it or not they have produced a short animated film – and we aim to show you this soon right here on our website – until you see it you will not imagine how much time and effort has gone into it – fabulous.

Cramond Primary

They also produced loads of work – including posters. Best of all however, they all wrote poems about trees! Here is a short one by Gregor Jack – primary 6. It should bring a smile to your face.

Oak Trees

In the forest I saw a tree, it was an oak,
There was a guy underneath it, drinking coke.
I went up to that oak,
To give it a little stroke.
It was beside other trees,
And they all had hives of honey bees.
So I said goodbye to the oak,
And goodbye to the bloke,
Drinking coke.

Right at the beginning of the project we asked the children to complete a climate change questionnaire. We also asked them to complete the same questionnaire at the end of the project – the results are staggering.

We taught them very little – they taught themselves a lot. The results to be published soon.

Thanks again for all your hard work guys! The Tree Amigos will see you again soon.