Tree Planting for Business

Tree Planting for Business

Building you business and protecting the planet

Tree planting is positive for the environment and for your business. It is recognised by customers, staff and stakeholders as a positive and responsible action.

Our proposal

Become a member of Trees4Scotland

Help us look after the landscape & wildlife that makes Scotland unique.

We can help you add even more value to your customers’ experience, letting them know that by choosing your business they are protecting our environment and giving something back to Scotland:

  • We can help you position your company as an ethical and environmentally aware business.
  • Benefit from extra promotion for your business, including a free advertising entry on our websites and free listing in our forthcoming eco-hub!
  • Support a conservation project and promote projects that your business and customers have helped to complete.
  • Allocate the trees within your business

To join our organisation all we ask for is an annual membership fee from your business together with your commitment to support the Teaghlach Wood project.

There is a choice of annual membership status from as little as £48 and these are:

  • Rowan (£48 – 5 trees)
  • Birch (£95 – 10 trees)
  • Oak (£940 – 100 trees)

Each status has different membership benefits and includes help to set up your Customer Payback Scheme.

We also encourage you to visit us on site at the woodland like Paul Nelson, MD of Allied Electric (below)


Customer Payback Scheme

There are three main ways that you and your customers can really make a difference to conservation and landscape enhancement in Scotland:

  1. Opt out – A voluntary donation is added to the bill (customers should always be given the option not to pay it or ‘opt out’). This method can be used on any type of product whether you are a hotel or a shop! £1 per person is a good starting point for this method.
  2. Percentage donation – This way a percentage of business profits can go towards conservation and trees. This is an easy way of fundraising for businesses who are unable to implement an ‘Opt Out’ scheme. For example, a shop might choose a particular product. When this product is bought they will donate 1% of the profits to conservation.
  3. Sponsored products – This way you can link tree planting to each item of a certain product sold.

Enjoy the benefits of enhancing your green credentials with a worthwhile cause.