Trees for incentive or reward

Increasingly our clients are taking advantage of positive client engagement by planting trees as incentives or rewards for business.

Present bespoke planting certificates – we can set you up with our online certificate generator that allows you to log in and produce your own bespoke tree planting certificates for your customers complete with your own branding and message.

The system logs how many trees have been ordered and we plant and invoice accordingly – tree price from £15 (less with volume).

The real beauty is that tree planting certificates tend to get put up on office walls – and in doing so will display your branding and message. You would also be able to add to your own piece of woodland on an ongoing basis and report this fabulous information back to your clients via your website and newsletters.

Here are what some of our current customers have to say about the certificate generator and using trees for incentive and reward:

“The feedback we have had from our customers is fantastic and ticks all the right CSR boxes. When it comes down to it the trees have also been the deciding factor to winning us new business.”
Pure IT Recycling’s Managing Director, Bobby Mitchell

“We first started planting trees for Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership every time we installed an air source heat pump (in partnership with Scottish Gas). This structure is now being rolled out company wide and will be included in all of our tenders on a national basis.”
Graham’s Renewables’ Michael Murdie

“We plant a tree for every person who books a tour with us. It is a low cost but high value way of saying thanks and at the same time giving something back to the Scottish environment.”
Clan’s and Castles’ MD Alistair Cunningham

“As part of a rebranding exercise we decided to thank our current clients for working with us by planting each of them a tree. As our new branding is on the planting certificates it struck us as a nice and innovative way of introducing this to our clients.”
Tandem Digital’s MD, Siobhan Tyrrell

If you would like to get your company set up with the above service then please do not hesitate to get in touch. With an initial minimum purchase of 10 trees to get things set up you will also get a free annual listing on our Eco Hub!

If you are interested then please submit your details and we will get in touch.