Trees4Scotland Ambassadors

Trees4Scotland Ambassadors

Now that Trees4Scotland has such a fabulous international following we are keen to continue promoting Teaghlach Wood in all parts of the World. This is where are Trees4Scotland Ambassadors come in.

As our small team have to concentrate on running things here at home we are delighted to have been offered active support from a variety of wonderful individuals and organisations who are promoting tree planting in Scotland on our behalf – all over the world!

Let me introduce these great people: 


RobRoy MacGregor – We first met the effervescent RobRoy at the Gathering 2009 event when he visited our stand and planted some trees with us. RobRoy had cycled to the event from Miami and continues to promote environmental issues by doing promotional cycle rides. The latest adventure begins on Jan 17th, 2010 when he will cycle from Central Highlands Scottish Festival in Orlando to The SuperBowl in Miami, Florida…234 miles – all the time promoting trees4scotland – check out his website 

The Singapore St Andrew Society

The Singapore St Andrew Society – This year they planted 175 trees in Teaghlach Wood to mark their 175th anniversary. Their president Scott Mitchell and other members were so delighted that they wanted to provide some ongoing support for us in the Far East and we are delighted to have them on board and actively helping to promote Trees4Scotland to their members and others.


Judy Lowstuter – Judy runs a tour company based in Virginia, USA, specialising in bringing tours over to Scotland. In particular she runs “Outlander Tours” to connect the writer Diana Galbandon’s fans with the beautiful story of Jamie and Claire, as well as the haunting history and dramatic beauty of the country. Judy and other Diana Galbandon fans planted some trees in Teachlach Wood for Diana this Christmas and we look forward to seeing her in January.

wendy keppie

Wendy Keppie – Wendy is based in Australia and recently raised enough money for 20 trees to be planted by selling homemade cards and brooches in 41 degree heat at a twilight market! Wendy has also roped in some friends to help – so thanks to you all.

“I’m a 4th generation descendant of Scottish immigrants to Australia. I work part-time as a natural therapist and at a small independent school for Rudolf Steiner education. I have a deep love of nature and a strong heart connection to Scotland. The idea of re-planting traditional woodland trees in Scotland appeals to me as a very worthwhile thing to do as it not only benefits Scotland now and in the future, it also benefits the planet and all of us on it. My dream is to raise awareness and support from fellow global citizens of Australia for the Trees 4 Scotland projects.”

Elizabeth McDowell Taylor

Elizabeth McDowell Taylor – Yes THE Liz Taylor from Medord, Oregon. Liz is working hard on her side of the pond to spread the word – TREES! It is great to have support in so many far flung places that we could not hope to reach otherwise.

“Recently, I came across the “Trees 4 Scotland” website and thought, “What a wonderful way to express my love of trees for a country I love as well”! Working with one of the Scottish members has been a very good experience. Communications have been clear and timely. All the help I could want is readily available. I am now looking very forward to being of service to the “Trees 4 Scotland” endeavor and encouraging others to be of service, as well.”


Sarah Finlay – Sarah is the current Miss Earth Scotland and helps to add the glamour to our project! She recently represented Scotland at the Miss Earth Grand Final in the Philippines and although she didn’t win the experience meant a lot. In her photo you can see Sarah modelling some of our corporate supporter’s OAK Status plaques. It is always a pleasure when you pay us a visit Sarah!


Cora Buchanan – I am a law graduate and part time model. I feel very strongly about supporting Trees 4 Scotland as it does such great work planting trees in Scotland. The Scottish countryside is beautiful and trees create such huge environmental benefits. Trees 4 Scotland tries to undo the damage caused by deforestation by planting trees in Scotland. Trees are the lungs of the Earth so let’s make sure we protect them!

brooke pic

Brooke Roberts – My passion for “all things Scottish” started a few years ago when I went to my first Highland Games. I saw how important it was to everyone to have strong family ties. To know who you are, you must know where you came from. I researched my family history and on my father’s side are all Scottish! I am proud of where I came from and to support Scotland and my dear friend Angus is something that truly makes me happy. I have collaborated with my friends from “Clan Dave” and they have all been generous enough to support the efforts of Trees4Scotland. I will continue to actively promote this wonderful organization and keep you all updated on the progress from Knoxville, Tennessee.

bakersfield group pic

Judith Young – I first found Trees4Scotland in 2009 and was so touched by the importance of reforesting Scotland that I sponsored a few tree plantings at Teaghlach Woods in memory of my grandfather who was born in Beith. With trees being replaced in many places by concrete I’ve found this to be a wonderful worthwhile cause. As our Clan MacMillan branch in Southern California sets up at the various gatherings I’m there to pass out the brochures and encourage visitors to donate to this great movement.  In the photo Judith is the one on the far left!

paula murray profile pic

Paula Murray – This beautiful country with all it’s treasures, rich history and culture continues to inspire me; it was love at first sight. I keep returning every year and my vacations keep getting longer!! Researching my family history has strengthened my connection to this land. I can only imagine what my ancestors felt having to leave their homeland. Trees4Scotland is an important organization doing exceptional work and  I am proud to be part of it . It provides me with an opportunity to become one of many caretakers of  the environment, and in a small way, honor my Scottish ancestors. Since I live in a province that has an abundance of trees, this seemed like the perfect fit!! It is entirely my pleasure to be an ambassador for Trees4Scotland. Paula is from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada!

Do you think you can help?

If you would also like to become a trees4scotland ambassador and help to generate support for tree planting in Scotland wherever you are in the world then please get in touch with Angus by emailing