Trees4Scotland on the BBC

bbc5David Allison of Politics Scotland visited us on site at Teaghlach Wood and filmed one of our Tree Planting Days (or dirty hands days as we call them). It was a hastily gathered group consisting of a mix of our corporate supporters and the general public.

We always try to get the businesses who support us to come on site to get a proper feel for what we are trying to achieve.

The programme can be viewed on the BBC iplayer and we are about 28 minutes in:

In the film Angus Crabbie is interviewed and by all accounts got his point across well. There is far too much procrastination and debate at times and too little action. Getting people to take the first tentative steps to understanding climate change is the biggest challenge.

We were very lucky with the weather although it was pretty cold and the ground was frozen so we concentrated on putting protective sheaths on some trees that had been planted previously – a key part of the planting process.

Trees4Scotland on the BBC

The woodland is currently under 3 feet of snow!

Also interviewed was Bill Parris, Chairman of Allied Vehicles, Andrew Donaldson of Comrie Croft and Bill Fleming from Comrie.

Trees4Scotland on the BBC

Also present on the day were Bobby Mitchell of Pure IT Recycling, Leon Kiteley of The Old Waverley Hotel, Anne Daly of Go Green Bags, Danny from Wild in Scotland, Stewart Paterson, Martin and Jenny Robb, Colin and Morag Crabbie and Copper the sheep dog!

Thanks for getting involved guys.