“Support Scotland through our Trees4Scotland campaign and plant some trees today”


‘Help the planet to help your business’ – tree planting is positive for the environment and for your business. It is recognised by customers, staff and stakeholders as a positive and responsible action.

Our proposal

By making an annual commitment to plant 100 or more trees, you will gain exclusive access to our group of Carbon Conscious Companies. You will gain recognition on our website as a Carbon Conscious Company, use of our excusive ‘Trees4Scotland’ branding, and an accreditation certificate for your business.

Benefits – You can allocate the trees within your business

  • Why not use them as customer incentives? Plant a tree for each new sale!
  • Use them to reward staff for reducing carbon emissions – we can issue individual certificates
  • Allocate them as part of your carbon offset strategy
  • Use them as a promotion to encourage online billing
  • Discount on our Corporate Tree Planting Days
  • Networking opportunities to meet like-minded businesses

We have the expertise to help you gain maximum benefits.

The Business Incentive

Customers are keener than ever to work with companies demonstrating their green credentials. A positive approach to tackling climate change can improve sales, brand recognition and staff retention.

Taking part in ‘Trees4Scotland’ and joining our group of Carbon Conscious Companies will enhance your reputation, and at the same time be a positive step to tackling climate change.

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Angus Crabbie