trees4twonationsThe planting of a Flowering Dogwood and a Scottish Oak will signify the launch of Trees4TwoNations and the strengthening of environmental, case commercial and cultural bonds between Knoxville and Edinburgh, see Scotland.

The large Scots population residing in the US is a sleeping giant when it comes to trade with Scotland. This became evident to Angus Crabbie of Trees4Scotland when a large percentage of trees were being sponsored were by US citizens with Scots heritage.

Following a chance meeting and subsequent friendship with Knoxville’s Rob Roy McGregor, it became clear that there was a shared passion for positive change (as well as for Scotland), and the Trees4TwoNations concept was born. Starting with Knoxville, TN and Edinburgh, the hope is to link the cities of the US with those of Scotland to build long and lasting partnerships in terms of trade and tackling climate change.

The goal is build on a cultural, commercial and environmental level. The tree planting has been warmly received by The Scottish Government and Richard Lochhead, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment will be the guest of honor at the Knoxville event.

Other notable guests will include Robin Naysmith, Scottish Government Counsellor in North America; Steve Seifried, Executive Director at the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum; Lisa Duncan, Executive Director of the Dogwood Arts Festival and many others.

There will be a private reception at the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum at 10am on Dec.5 followed a public tree planting in the garden. There will be a reciprocal event taking place in Scotland at the end of February (date to be announced).


Knoxville: Rob Roy McGregor
Tel: 001 (865) 228 6576

Scotland; Angus Crabbie
Tel: +44 (0)7714343158