The enigmatic Rob Roy McGregor pulled strings left right and centre and the whirlwind media experience of Knoxville followed hot on the heels of a TV appearance on Mountain Network Television back up in Boone North Carolina.


It is funny how chance can play a hand at times but so can careful planning and the Channel 10 news appearance was really the result of a press release that Rob Roy drafted and it was picked up by the network who sent along a roving reporter! – what a laugh we had on the show 11 O’clock Rock! You can actually see the interview with Angus by clicking through to here:

Underneath the TV screen there are a series of clips, use the scroll bar to scroll down to the Stephanie Nilles one on the 13th July – the Angus interview is about 53 minutes in. Believe me it is worth it – really funny – especially the sporran bit!

WDVX interview – this was on DJ Grace’s show! Her show is really amazing for all you country fans out there! She also has thousands of listeners on internet radio – well worth tuning in:

A big thanks also goes out to Jeffrey DeAlejandro at the Crown & Goose for his hospitality and free beer!

Much appreciated by a thirsty Scotsman.