Help the Planet to Help Your Business

“SMEs must become more socially responsible if they are to keep pace with carbon conscious clients.”

“Carbon offsetting, cost for example, is now a key priority as firms try to become greener by reducing their carbon footprint and court the new breed of environmentally conscious consumers.”

Colin Calder, Scotsman Newspaper

The Big Tree Project looks forward to helping you tackle the issues thrown up by climate change. Companies can no longer afford to ignore their impact on society, as lack of action will result in competitors picking off customers who are keen to be green.

At The Big Tree Project we work closely with our corporate customers to ensure that they adopt best practice, and in doing so create a commercial advantage.

We can help with:

  • Environmental assessments to calculate your carbon footprint
  • Reducing your footprint to save you money (up to 40% in some cases)
  • Development of environment and CSR policies
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Positive PR opportunities
  • Education of staff in environmental issues


From only £500 The Big Tree Project can help you help your business put its best foot forward into a more environmentally aware marketplace.

Samantha Barber, chief executive of Scottish Business in the Community states, “SMEs are increasingly aware that how they manage CSR can affect sales, brand recognition, staff performance and retention.”

Acting now can help the planet and help your business.

Please contact Angus Crabbie on 0771 4343158 or by emailing