Trees4Scotland are active and vocal in our support of our chosen charities. All of the charities below have been chosen by Trees4Scotland staff for personal reasons and we welcome your support.

The system of Trees4Charities is simple – for every tree planted with a particular promotional code we will make a donation to that particular charity.  Our chosen charities are listed below with their promotional codes.

The Finola Trust

Finola is a fun loving teenager who loves singing, being part of society, having fun, socialising, going to the cinema.  If you have met her then you will know she loves to live life.  However she has had a hard start to life as she unfortunately had brain damage at birth.  This can happen to anyone….   She did not breath for 5 minutes which resulted in damage to motor development/ speech/ physical development and slight sight damage (no side vision).   This has resulted in that Finola is unable to sit unsupported, has curvature in her lower spine, requires assistance for all her physical daily needs.  For her speech you have to ‘tune in to it’ and when not too tired is easily understood.

Finola and her mother are big friends of Trees4Scotland and by planting a tree with the code FINOLA you will be able to contribute to the trust fund that will help Finola to lead an independent life.  For every tree planted 25% of the sale value will be donated to the Finola Trust.

Much more information can be found about Finola and some of her own fundraising activities by visiting her website:

Marie Curie Hospice Edinburgh

Marie Curie Cancer Care is a UK charity dedicated to the care of people with terminal cancer and other illnesses. Over the financial year 2010/11, we reached a total of 31,799 patients. Marie Curie Hospices are vibrant, homely places offering a range of different activities and services to help people with terminal cancer and other life-limiting illnesses achieve the best possible quality of life. Care is free to patients and families.

If you would like to plant a tree in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care then enter the code MARIECURIE into the promotional code box when you purchase your tree.  We will donate 25% of the sale price to Marie Curie.

Aberlour Child Care Trust

Aberlour is Scotland’s largest solely children’s charity, providing help to over 6000 of Scotland’s most vulnerable children, young people and their families.  Their aim is to ensure that all of Scotland’s children are safe, able to fulfill their potential and to enable them to enjoy the benefits of a stable family life alongside social inclusion.  At Trees4Scotland we want to help them achieve these goals and are delighted that we are now working together in order to not only raise awareness but also to raise money to help these children and their families.

If you would like to plant a tree and help Scotland’s children at the same time then enter the code ABERLOUR into the promotional code box when you purchase your tree.  A full 25% of the sale value will be donated to Aberlour.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Cystic Fibrosis is one of the UK’s most common, life-threatening, inherited diseases. Since it was established in 1964, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust has actively supported excellence in research and clinical care, as well as providing practical support and advice to people with Cystic Fibrosis and their families.

They believe that everybody living with CF deserves the best possible quality of life with access to the best quality care and with a real hope for a better future. The CF Trust provides support them and their families to make this happen.

To do this, they fund high quality research to understand CF better and to develop new and better treatments, set standards of CF care and review services to make sure they are meeting those standards, and provide information and advice to people with CF and their families.

To support the CF Trust please enter the code CFTRUST into the promotional code box on checkout.  Trees4Scotland will donate 25% of the sale value to the CF Trust.

Down’s Syndrome Scotland

Down’s Syndrome Scotland works to improve the quality of life for everyone in Scotland with Down’s syndrome and their families. They work to help people with Down’s Syndrome reach their full potential by providing information, services and support to them, their families, carers and professionals.

To support this valuable service please enter the code DOWNS on checkout when you plant a tree.  Trees4Scotland will in turn then donate 25% of the sale value of the tree to Down’s Syndrome Scotland.

Our Thanks

We support all of the above charities for different and personal reasons and we thank you for your support.

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