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Promise’s is a business networking group whose values are based on its members being friendly and supportive, shop working together to help build all our businesses.  It’s all about real business development, patient not superficial networking. You’ll find that Promise is different in another way too – it’s totally not-for-profit, buy run by the members for the members.

Our services and products

We help our members develop their skills in business management by sharing commercial knowledge and best practice.  We introduce fellow members to our own contacts, providing introductions in business and social settings. As a club, we help our individual members realise more marketing opportunities by:

  • Promoting the range of services we have within our ranks (including web links to our individual websites), and by
  • Encouraging alliances and joint business ventures between members which add value to individual businesses

Our Environmental Commitment

  • Promising a green future
  • Promise for Business takes environmental issues seriously and decided to be pro-active and plant some trees.
  • Every time a news member joins the group a tree will be planted for them in the ‘Promise Grove’ at Teaghlach Wood near the village of Comrie in Perthshire.
  • Trees are of immense benefit to people, wildlife and to the environment: Scotland needs to plant a lot of trees in order to meet climate targets.  We Promise to do our bit!

Contact us

Name: Lorraine Forsyth
Tel: 07872 903 944
Visit our website:
Name Lorraine Forsyth
Tel No: 07872 903 944
Visit our website