Green Weddings

A growing area of business for us is now Green Weddings. With more and more people now concerned about the environment we offer a package that allows them to leave a positive legacy of their big day.

At Trees4Scotland we know how to work with you to ensure that you have the best and most environmentally friendly day possible!

  • Wedding Groves
  • Offset Your Wedding
  • Wedding Favours
  • Wedding Presents

Wedding Groves

Would you like the legacy of your wedding day to be lots of duplicate toasters or a section of beautiful Scottish woodland nestled in the central highlands?  If you would like your guests to plant you trees for your wedding day we can provide you with your own special grove.

We are happy to discuss ideas and include a free webpage all about the happy couple and your wedding grove.

Offset Your Wedding

No not the costs unfortunately but the carbon emissions. Trees4Scotland can help estimate the carbon footprint of your wedding and will plant the requisite number of trees to offset the big day!

Wedding Favours

Leave your guests with a fabulous gift – a tree planted for them in Teaghlach Wood in Scotland!

Each wedding favour takes the form of a small scroll stating that a tree has been planted and with details of your big day (including a photo if you so wish). The scroll can be finished with the ribbon of your choice – or you can even design them yourself!

Wedding Presents

Leave a message for a lifetime in The Whispering Groves . What a great way to mark an occasion forever. A plaque will be erected next to the tree and engraved with the message of your choice. A planting certificate and commemorative booklet will be sent to you to present as a gift. The Whispering Groves are special and visitors are very welcome.

All of the above can be purchased individually or as a package. Please get in touch to discuss things in more detail.