Plant 5+ trees and get Rowan Honours

Rowan Honours Board
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Plant Trees for Rowan Status

Plant 5-9 trees and you will attain 'Rowan' status by getting your name on our on-site honours board to be seen by many generations to come. You will also receive a fabulous presentation certificate with your name, or a friend or family member.

Note that your certificate will be emailed to you. We have to save the trees in any way we can!

Please enter your order details below. You will be asked for the name on the certificate at the checkout stage.

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By planting trees in Teaghlach Wood you really are laying down some Scottish roots. Whether it is to represent you and family, your business or as a gift, planting a tree with us is a legacy to be proud of.

Please note that we use ‘Rowan’ to differentiate between honour packages. We don’t specifically  plant rowan trees with your order. We plant native trees most suitable for the area.

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