The Tree Amigos are go!

The field trips that form a key part of our Primary Schools education programme,The Tree Amigos , are now in full swing.

Schools from Edinburgh and Glasgow have been visiting us in Perthshire to enjoy the great outdoors.  During the trip they get a tour of the Teaghlach Wood project and learn about the process of developing woodlands and growing trees.  At the same time they get to enjoy the fabulous countryside and appreciate a wide variety of Scottish wildlife.

This year the schools have planted hundreds of trees and they have seen rare red kites, buzzards, frogs and a variety of other creatures along the way.  The field trips bring to life all three of the Trees4Scotland core values of community, education and wildlife.

Tree Amigos 003

These participating schools have all been chosen by our sponsors, Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow Airport and the Radisson Blu Hotel.  During the course of the programme they have been learning about climate change and global warming, carbon footprints, how to reduce carbon footprints, trees and the environment and woodland wildlife.  The highlight, however, is always the trip to Teaghlach Wood in Perthshire to plant some trees for themselves.

Angus Crabbie, of Trees4Scotland comments, “Thanks to our sponsors like Glasgow Airport more kids every year can get to grips with some of the issues that are affecting us all.  In the coming years we aim to develop the Tree Amigos programme further and build upon the solid foundations that have now been laid.  One of our key objectives is to have a wider reach for the programme and we have some plans on this front that will be unveiled soon!”