Grow your business by growing greener

Tree planting is positive for the environment and for your business. There are lots of different ways to get involved with Trees4Scotland depending on your business requirements and we will work with you to get you the best possible value.

However you decide to engage with us our proven system can help you enhance and promote your green credentials helping you win and attract more business.

  • Carbon Offsetting
    Whether you are looking for a local carbon offset or for registered carbon credits then look no further for a brilliant package for your business.
  • Trees for Incentive or Reward
    Engage your clients by planting them trees as a reward and incentive for transacted business. You can even use our online system to generate them bespoke planting certificates complete with your branding and message.
  • Corporate membership
    The simplest way to engage with Trees4Scotland is to take out an annual corporate membership package. We have three simple tiers of membership bringing you an array of the fabulous benefits outlined below – all you have to do is plant some trees with us!
  • Sponsor our Tree Amigos schools education programme
    If you would like to have community engagement at the grassroots level, then we have opportunities for you to sponsor schools to take part in our very own environmental education programme.

Corporate Benefits

Depending on your level of involvement we supply a comprehensive benefits package including:

  • Branding package from Trees4Scotland
    We supply our corporate supporters a full branding package, including our logo which can be displayed on your website and marketing materials.
  • Recognition in The Branch
    We will include some editorial about your company in an edition of our e-newsletter, The Branch, which is circulated monthly to approximately 5,000 recipients.
  • Full page listing on our Eco Hub
    This gives you the opportunity to tell all of our supporters about your company.
  • Promotion via our social media channels
    We have an established following via Facebook, twitter, linkedin, YouTube and Kiltr, and will make sure our followers know who is working with us.
  • PR opportunities on-site
    Come and visit us onsite for some photos and give us a hand with some planting.
  • Signage opportunities on-site
    If you plant enough trees you can have your very own section of badged up woodland!
  • Trees4Scotland TV
    Join us for an interview on Trees4Scotland TV

If there is anything above that you would like to discuss in more detail, or to discuss new ideas please contact Angus Crabbie here.

Check out the new Eco Hub where our clients can promote their businesses and network with one another:  The ECO HUB