Carbon Offsetting

Trees4Scotland’s carbon management division can help you calculate, reduce and offset your carbon emissions:


What makes us different?

We offer our clients a choice between offsetting locally by supporting the development of native woodland projects or purchasing registered carbon credits in projects overseas that have the same core values as we do – namely, education, community and wildlife.

Local Carbon Offset

Unless you are a large public or private sector organisation in the UK then your offset choice is a voluntary one. By choosing to support our local projects you get the additional benefits of being able to see, touch and feel your offset.

You will have chosen to support something that directly relates to your customers and can even involve them if you wish.

Scotland needs trees and by supporting our woodland projects you will not only will you be offsetting your carbon emissions but also helping to regenerate wildlife habitats, educating school kids about the environment and promoting community woodlands.

Is there really any other choice?

Registered Carbon Credits

If you are a large public or private sector organisation such as a supermarket, water company, bank, or Government department then you will have to adhere to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC).

Where we would like to help is to provide a high value low cost option when it comes to buying carbon credits.

We can link you with projects providing you with Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) credits or CERs that also embody our core values of education, community and wildlife.

And there’s more…

We can offer you a package that combines CERs with local planting in the UK, as well as sponsorship of schools to participate in our kids environmental education programme.

By going directly to source we can provide highly competitive prices for the CERs that allows us to incorporate the other elements into the package. Instead of merely ticking a box we can make your money work for you.

“Carbon offsetting, for example, is now a key priority as firms try to become greener by reducing their carbon footprint and court the new breed of environmentally conscious consumers.”
– Colin Calder, Scotsman Newspaper