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Green Wall Systems from Trees4Scotland

We have access to a range of unique green wall systems and we choose the system most suited to your requirements.  The following are the two most popular!

High Impact Feature Wall – Easiwall-Pro

Designed and developed by our partners at Treebox, The Easiwall-Pro system is manufactured in the UK from 80% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.  The system is a modular design with substantial vertical planting troughs attached to a solid back panel.  This provides the necessary rigidity, waterproofing and security for use as cladding on buildings in place of other facades.

The panels are available as 1m x 1m units.  The system is supplied with irrigation lines and fittings.  Once installed planting can be carried out in-situ.  Irrigation can be easily automated and is highly recommended for large installations.  Trees4Scotland supply a green roof derived substrate mixture that provides the necessary nutrients in a lightweight, free-draining medium.

Instant Ivy Screening

This system takes advantage of the simple concept of encouraging natural climbing plants to cover an existing wall or structure.  Trees4Scotland provides wire mesh panels that already support pre-grown ivy plants.  The screens are supplied in two heights, 1.8 and 2.2m with green and variegated options.  Installed directly into the ground between posts, against and existing wall, or planted in bespoke troughs, they provide an instant green facade or screening effect.