Our Team

Angus Crabbie – The current Managing Director of Trees4Scotland, Angus has an enthusiasm and passion for all things green combined with a good knowledge of the build environment. He would like to see positive change in our cities and communities, and through Trees4Scotland’s Urban Greening Division he hopes to raise awareness of sustainability issues surrounding urban living, our ecological impact on the earth and food production.

Chris Minty MBE – Chris has spent most of his life living and working in some of the most remote parts of the World. Now a key member of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s Centre for Middle Eastern plants, Chris is highly involved in projects such as the Oman Botanic Garden. Chris holds a BSc in Geochemisty from the Open University and an MSc in Natural Resource Management from The University of Edinburgh. He has published widely on soils and is currently researching soil/plant relationships in extreme climates. He holds the strong view that if we can establish successful urban greenery in hostile climates like Oman then it should not prove to be a problem in Scotland’s cities!

Installation Team – Our small team of qualified horticulturists have over 25 years of experience in the industry including several years working in one of the UK’s largest most picturesque botanic gardens. They have a vast knowledge of plants and recognised qualifications in horticulture. Great pride is taken on good customer service, quality of finish and expertise.

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